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At The YYellow Tux we believe that businesses with a more strategic planning approach to their marketing and digital marketing are more likely to succeed in the long-term.

Setting and Objective:

- Defining the business’ overall mission/objective first – your digital marketing mission must fit into your grand plan.

- Answer this question: what is the overriding objective you want your digital marketing efforts to achieve (for example do you want to position your company as the go-to online provider for computer parts in Europe)? This is your mission.

- Clarify Your Research The research will be the establishment of the marketing plan and ought to include:
• Competitive Analysis
• SWOT Analysis –
• Understanding Your Buyer Personas – This will incorporate the socioeconomics of the customers you are focusing and also include any personas you need to maintain a strategic distance from.
• Learning Your Buyers’ Buying Cycle – Understanding how, when, where and why your objective market purchases is vital to changing over leads.


Spy on the Competitors (pleasantly)
- We make an assembled a spreadsheet of your top competitors and research them to see how they are using digital marketing channels to get customers.

- This eventually helps us to be at par with the competitors and analyze our user behaviors

Strategy Planning