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  • 28 February 2018
  • Social Media

Why a Company Should Invest in Social Media?

One in seven people online are on Facebook right now, and 450 million tweets are sent every day. Those statistics alone show how valuable and utilized social media is. If your company is not using social media, you are missing out on a huge amount of customers.

Social Media Allows You to Interact with Customers

62% of people are more likely to engage with Social Media Advertising Company that use social media, and 15 million consumers go to social media before making a decision to buy something. Having social media accounts allows you to have a voice and interact with your customers. Whether they are upset about something or raving about a product they love, your engagement with them will help your company.

Many brands also use this engagement to create more products customers want. If thousands of people have tweeted that they want your product in the color green, it may be something to consider.

Post links to content

So you become a source of business information and attract connections. Posting is important, but engaging is vital. Just as with any community, make sure to add value to each conversation.

Build your LinkedIn company page

To position your organization as you’d like it to be seen. Perhaps the best way to make an impact in LinkedIn is by growing your company page. This is critical for any business because it’s how you get into the person’s network updates, one of the most used features of the site. Write the company description to include keyword rich text that resonates with product descriptions and contributes to network search visibility. Then identify a daily posting sequence in an effort to establish consistent brand messaging.

Social Media Builds Trust

Trust building goes along with interacting with your customers. If you create a social media presence and make all your customers feel important, you will cultivate trust and loyalty—and customers will continue coming back.

Social Media Alerts You of Crises

If someone tweets at you that your product broke or isn’t working correctly, you will be able to respond. Being active in social media allows you to monitor and respond in a timely manner before things get blown out of proportion.

Social Media Brings More Website Traffic In

Sharing blog posts, press releases, and more on all forms of social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Social Media Attracts Customers Through Promotions

I can’t tell you how many Facebook pages I have liked to get a free sample or enter a contest. These promotions give your Facebook Marketing Firm more traffic (and in turn, your website), and once users like your page, they will continue to see your posts in the newsfeed.

People Expect Social Media

By now, most people expect to be able to find any brand on social media. If they are searching for you and you aren’t there, business is lost.